The 5 to Ride campaign was started as a grassroots effort to involve New York area businesses and individuals in an attempt to make our city streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists by personally signing the Pedal Pledge.

The Pedal Pledge is a promise made by businesses to educate their delivery cyclists on the 5 to Ride rules of the road. It also enables individuals to promise to abide by them as well.

The 5 to Ride rules are:
  1. put Pedestrians first
  2. stop at Every red light
  3. ride in the right Direction — with traffic
  4. stay on the Asphalt, off the sidewalk
  5. pick one Lane, and stick with it

We truly believe that New York area businesses, and individuals alike want to safely grow our city bicycle culture, which means following the rules of the road. The 5 to Ride campaign provides an avenue as businesses sign the pledge and display their framed pledge certificates and window decals and give pins to their riders. Individuals can show their support by wearing their I pledged t-shirt or tote bag.

When the business signs the pledge, they will receive:

Pledge Frame

a framed pledge
document for their business


a window decal


a pin for each delivery rider


a logo for
on-line delivery

When an individual pledges, they will receive a pledge, a thank you letter and the opportunity to support the Gruskin Foundation through the purchase of:

Tee Shirt


Tote Bag

tote bags

support the campaign!
Bike New YorkWe are happy to be partnering with Bike New York to promote safe biking though our 5 to Ride campaign. For New York area businesses that request request a more in-depth training program than the "Pedal Pledge" allows, Bike New York will send volunteers to their place of business. Contact us to learn more »
Seamless WebWe’ve partnered with SeamlessWeb, the nation’s largest digital food ordering company, to more widely promote the 5 to Ride Campaign by tapping into their extensive relationships with 3,500+ NYC restaurants. Over the past 11 years, SeamlessWeb has partnered with thousands of the City’s best restaurants to make food ordering fun and easy, offering full menus, ratings, reviews, and exclusive discounts. With the help of SeamlessWeb we hope to reach our goal of having 1,000 restaurants sign the 5 to Ride Pledge. Learn More »
This campaign is a program created by the Stuart C. Gruskin Family Foundation in January 2011. Stuart Gruskin was a wonderful husband and father of 12 year-old twins who was fatally struck by a delivery cyclist in May of 2009. This Foundation, founded by his loving family, strives to create safety awareness for pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas by creating programs such as the 5 to Ride Campaign. Click here to visit the Foundation website.