September 9, 2011
Bicycle Safety Program Expands
Into Brooklyn Nick Buccolo, an architect and resident of Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill, who heard about Nancy Gruskin and the Gruskin Foundation ( to encourage safe biking, decided it was time for its 5 to Ride program to come to Brooklyn.
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August 3, 2011
Online Takeout Site Seamless
Joins Bike Safety Initiative New Yorkers ordering takeout online may soon have to make a bigger decision than simply whether to get their dressing on the side...
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May 19, 2011
Aiming to Rein In the Anarchy on 2 Wheels
New York Times. Feature story on Foundation that includes the 5 to Ride...
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June 8, 2011
Wheely Good Idea Bike Safety Campaign Gets Downtown Businesses Pumped Up about Rules of the Ride
The Broadsheet Daily. The campaign is a project of the Stuart C. Gruskin Family Foundation, a cycling safety organization founded by the loved ones left behind by Mr. Gruskin, a pedestrian who was struck and killed in April, 2009 by a delivery cyclist going the wrong way on West 43rd Street...
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June 8, 2011
5 to Ride Bike Safety Campaign Petitions Downtown Businesses To Protect Pedestrians
Downtown Magazine NYC. A number of local downtown businesses have pledged to support the new “5 to Ride” bicycle safety campaign...
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May 16, 2011
Nancy Gruskin Interview on MyFox

MYFOXNY.COM. The '5 To Ride Initiative' was created by the wife of Stuart Gruskin, 50, of Manhattan, who was struck and killed by a bicyclist traveling the wrong way...
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May 8, 2011
NYC DOT and T.A. Invite New Yorkers
to Take the Bike Smart Pledge During
Bike Month

NYC DOT. 5 to Ride is included in the NYCDOT's "Don't Be a Jerk" bike safety campaign...
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April 29, 2011
5 to Ride Coverage on NBC Nightly News

NBCNY Nonstop NY. Nancy Gruskin and BikeNY talk about the campaign.
April 13, 2011
Aiming to make bikers follow five simple rules
Downtown Express. A new initiative hoping to change how people bike in city neighborhoods is kicking off this Saturday, April 16, in Tribeca...
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March 25, 2011
NYer Of The Week: Widow Of Man Killed By Cyclist Now Pushes For Road Safety Education
NY1-TV. The 5 to Ride campaign and Nancy Gruskin are featured as "New Yorker of the Week"....
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March 25, 2011
Everyone Wants Safer Streets, Right?
The Tribeca Citizen. The campaign is featured for Tribeca as this is our first Manhattan neighborhood....
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March 13, 2011
Pause for a moment of cyclists
METRO-NY. Dozens of bikers participated in the sixth annual Memorial Ride and Walk for Bicyclists and Pedestrians Killed in Traffic hosted by the New York City Street Memorial Project, which places white “ghost bikes” on corners where cyclists died....
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March 8, 2011
NYC Widow Pushes ‘Pedal Pledge’
to Keep Pedestrians Safe

CBS-TV. The woman who lost her husband to a terrible accident involving a bicycle deliveryman is out to make sure something like it never happens again...
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The Stuart C. Gruskin Family Foundation with City Council Transportation Chair, James Vacca and Bike New York Announce the Launch of The 5 to Ride Pedal Pledge Campaign for Bike Safety     More »

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